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Research interests and specialisms include contemporary literature (particularly fiction after postmodernism), formal/typographic innovation, haunting and spectrality, philosophy of time, literature and cinema and literature and popular music.

Selected Research Publications

David Foster Wallace: Fiction and Form (Bloomsbury, 2016)

Consider David Foster Wallace: Critical Essays (Sideshow Media, 2010)

Journal Articles


'Lost Edges: Rachel Chu's 'Fractured Skull', ASAP/J (2023)

'Play it Again: Reading the Contemporary through Music in Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad and Dana Spiotta’s Eat the Document', Contemporary Women's Writing 15.2 (2021)

'Reading the Ghost in David Foster Wallace's Fiction', Orbit, 2018

'Beyond the Page: BS Johnson's Film Work', Critical Engagements, 2012

Book Chapters

'Illustrating Futures: How Universities, Community Organisations and Arts Institutions Can Collaborate Towards A Pedagogy of Comics and Mental Illness' in Invisible Made Visible: Comics and Mental Illness (Penn State UP, 2023)

'Don DeLillo and the Long Take' in Edinburgh Companion to Don DeLillo and the Arts (Edinburgh UP, 2023)

'White Tears' in Hari Kunzru (Manchester UP, 2022)

'David and Dutch: Wallace and Reagan' in Wallace in Context (Cambridge UP, 2022)

'Oblivion' in The Cambridge Companion to David Foster Wallace (Cambridge UP, 2018)

'The Fiction of the Episode: A Conversation with Mark Z. Danielewski' in The Two Sided Lake (Liverpool Biennial, 2016)

'Form as Strategy in Infinite Jest' in David Foster Wallace: Critical Insights (Salem 2015)


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